Gary Villa


Gary does programming for metal cutting, on site consultations, and local deliveries. He can manage your job from one of a kind art installations to huge production runs. You will almost always find him on the phone helping customers… unless he has snuck off to the casino and is at the slots sipping a tall white Russian.


Rita Villa


Rita does programming for wood, acrylic, paper and fabric. She loves helping other artists discover how to make their products easily and reasonably. Her colorful cat paintings decorate the walls at Smidgens and she always has multiple art projects (from sewing her own crazy clothes to huge mosaics) in progress.


Kyle Mabe

Design Engineer/ Laser Technician

Kyle can take just about any drawing and get it ready for laser cutting. He loves helping customers and can figure out how to make your complex project come to life. He runs on caffeine and pizza, you will almost always see him with a cup of coffee in his hand.


Linda Sylvester

Laser Technician

Linda has been with us since the beginning. She runs the wood and acrylic cutting lasers and has many customers that love to call and chat with her. She is a Nascar fan, a dedicated QVC shopper, and a connoisseur of fine wine.


Jim Simser

Laser Technician

Jim is the first one here in the morning and the last one out at night. He keeps a steady stream of steel running through our Trumpf laser. If he has a spare minute you’ll find him taking out the scraps, emptying the trash or sweeping. He loves to talk politics and alien invasions.


Roy Wells

Laser Technician/ Programmer/Artist

Roy can run every laser in the shop, but he spends most of his time preparing work for and running our new Mazak Optiplex. He loves to design his own one of a kind pieces of art, like his plague doctor mask. In his spare time he plays the tuba with a band called “The Prickers.”


Carol Bettin


Carol has been here for almost 30 years. She does prep work, helps with packaging, and answers the phone. She is an avid collector of miniature Christmas village houses. In fact, hers is so huge that the electric in Honeoye Falls, NY dims from November to the end of December.


Katie Moore


Katie handles a variety of unique jobs using unusual materials. She does programming as well as runs our wood and metal laser engravers. Her background as a graphic designer comes in handy everyday. Her pit bull ‘King’ looks like he’ll eat you for dinner, but he’s really a sweet heart.


Franklin Fuzzybritches
Aka: Frank

Chief Mouse Catcher

Frank was a stray cat who found us. Now he’s spoiled rotten and spends his days lounging around, exploring the woods out back, and playing with his friend Louie. You will often find him sprawled on the table waiting for lunch time.