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SMIDGENS LASER CUTS STEEL UP TO 1 INCH THICK   By: Gary Villa   Up until last year the thickest steel we could cut was 1/2”… all of that changed when we got our new Mazak Optilex. We always asked ourselves: who needs thick plate cut? It turns out that many companies are building products […]


SMIDGENS CUTS PRAYER CROSSES FROM BRANCH THAT KILLED PRIEST   By: Rita Villa   We do a lot of unusual things here at Smidgens. Over the years we’ve laser engraved Elvis on toast, cut parts for tattoo guns, and even laser cut a double wide coffin for a morticians birthday surprise. (But that’s another whole […]


ROY FROM SMIDGENS LASER CUTS REPLICA PLAGUE DOCTOR MASK   By: Rita Villa   Here at Smidgens we encourage everyone to be creative. Working on personal projects helps all of us learn how to do things in more innovative ways. It stretches our imagination and gets us to put things on the laser we might […]

Humble Beginnings

Smidgens…Our Humble Beginnings   By: Rita Villa It all began way back in 1984. I was attending art classes at the University of Missouri and Gary was the manager of the photo lab at Hallmark Cards. I had always dreamed of owning my own business. I’m sure growing up watching my self-employed father love going […]


RECYCLING METAL…MY VISIT TO THE SCRAP YARD   By: Rita Villa   Usually all our scrap steel gets placed in this giant metal dumpster in our parking lot. Every few months the truck shows up, halls it away, and drops off an empty. It’s out of sight, out of mind. In my case I know […]

Leaf Engraving

SMIDGENS ENGRAVES PORTRAIT OF EINSTEIN ON A REAL DRIED LEAF   By: Rita Villa   Why? You must be asking yourself. Is there a reason that a laser job shop would be engraving on dried leaves? And my answer is simple; sometimes we just want to see what will happen. It’s as easy as curiosity. […]


SMIDGENS EXPANDS- ADDS MAZAK OPTIPLEX LASER FOR THICK PLATE CUTTING By: Gary Villa Just when Rita thinks we don’t need any more lasers we pull a fast one on her and in come the trucks and crane with our new Mazak monster laser from Japan… not quite Godzilla but almost as heavy. We’ve been talking […]


SMIDGENS DONATES 700 ELEPHANTS TO THE SENECA PARK ZOO Every year in mid December 700 children descend upon the Seneca Park Zoo to see the many wonderful animals that live there and to enjoy breakfast with Santa. This year each child received a beautiful hand painted elephant Christmas ornament thanks to the artists at Smidgens, […]


SMIDGENS PARTICIPATES IN THE 6X6 ART SHOW AT THE ROCHESTER CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER By: Rita Villa at Smidgens One Sunday afternoon a few years back Gary and I were looking for something fun to do. We wandered into the Rochester Contemporary Arts Center where the 6×6 art show just happened to be going on. It […]


SMIDGENS LASER CUTS STEEL BOTTLE TREE By: Rita Villa If you visit Smidgens you will often find a collection of empty wine bottles sitting on the corner of my desk waiting to be washed. These are the ones my friends have graciously sacrificed themselves to consume. There’s always a box or two in my trunk […]


SMIDGENS LASER CUTS DISPLAYS FOR BULLET JEWLERY AND BOTTLE OPENERS By: Rita Villa Here at Smidgens we laser cut thousands of displays. Laser cutting lends itself well to making parts that fit together perfectly to form stands or cut holes for hooks or other items to fit in. One of the most interesting displays we’ve […]


THE ART OF PAPER CUTTING…WITH A LASER! I have always loved Scherenschnitte, the German art of paper cutting (even if I can’t pronounce the word). As a child I remember folding paper over and over and then trying to cut through the layers to make paper snowflakes. Of course leaving, what my mother called sniddles, […]