Leaf Engraving



By: Rita Villa


Why? You must be asking yourself. Is there a reason that a laser job shop would be engraving on dried leaves? And my answer is simple; sometimes we just want to see what Gandhionleafwill happen. It’s as easy as curiosity. But remember, “Curiosity is the mother of invention.” And that is how all great things happen, by trying things that have no purpose, or motive, except to see the end result.


If people never did things that seemed useless we might not have those brownie pans that make every one a corner piece, or the “Clapper’” or even Snuggies! Who didn’t have a Pet Rock back in the 70’s. Certainly that was as useless as you can get. But still somebody with an idea went out there, picked up a small pebble, packaged it in a cool box and sold millions of them.


Sure, engraving on leaves doesn’t quite compare with the Pet Rock phenomenon. But it’s not useless, nor is any experiment we try with our lasers. Anything that teaches us the limitations, or in this case, the magnificence, is knowledge we store in our back pocket. That knowledge is available to you when you call and ask if we can engrave on some unusual material. We’ll be able to share our thirty years of experience. The more experience we have with a variety of materials the better qualified we’ll be to help you.


einsteinonleafEngraving on leaves turned out to be a glorious discovery. As you can see from the stunning detail in each of these engravings our laser can not only hold that detail, but engrave light enough that the delicate dried leaf, as thin as a worn sheet of paper, stays in one piece. The contrast between the brown of the leaf and the laser engraving is so much more than I ever expected.


I hope you enjoy these beautiful laser engraved portraits of Einstein and Gandhi, two people who really believed in going beyond the typical. If you have some unusual project, and want to stretch your imagination to a place of limitlessness, give Smidgens a call and we will happily help you on the path to creating your own phenomenon.