paper-treeI have always loved Scherenschnitte, the German art of paper cutting (even if I can’t pronounce the word). As a child I remember folding paper over and over and then trying to cut through the layers to make paper snowflakes. Of course leaving, what my mother called sniddles, all over the house. Looking at scherenschnitte takes us back to a simpler time when people had time to sit around the fire and snip at a piece of paper for weeks on end.

Things are different now. No one has time to do anything that takes more than ten minutes. And though I totally respect the process of cutting a design by hand that will be a one of a kind piece of art, if you want to make money doing paper cutting, you’ve got to find a way to have that same attention to detail without the hundreds of hours of tedious work and the aching fingers.

Our laser, imported from Italy, is the paper cutting expert you need. It is amazing at cutting the tiniest details with perfect accuracy. You can have 1 copy or 1,000 copies and they will all be the same. It is fast, so your cost is minimal. Just frame up your designs and you are ready to take them to shows, sell at galleries, or on etsy, or eBay. Think about stationary, invitations, posters, envelopes or packaging with laser cutouts.

papertree-jpgEven though I draw in the computer everyday, I still love a plain old piece of paper and a pencil to get started. I’ll draw out my ideas adding more and more detail each time until I’m happy with it. Then I scan it into the computer and redraw it in a drawing program like Corel, Adobe, or AutoCad. If you can draw directly in the computer you will save yourself some time. Once you have your drawing all set you can email me the file. A PDF, DXF, CDR. All those work great. Always send a vector file, when possible. The laser see’s all your mistakes, so don’t cover things up with layers or hidden white boxes, it will be trouble later. Your file needs to be really clean. Our laser can also do scoring for folds on wedding invitations and other types of cards. Be sure to think about your design, what you want cut away and what you want to keep. Think about how your design will hold together, like where my tree attaches to the border and the grass.

The rest is easy. Tell me what size you would like your design cut. Once it’s in my computer I can cut it any size you want, no need to redraw it again, ever. I will cut you a sample and ship it to you. Once it’s approved and you pick out your paper, you are on your way to selling your designs by the thousands.